May 13, 2021

West Chester Area Sports Association
Box 2142
West Chester, PA 19381


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Instruction and fun are the focus in the T-Ball and 8 and under division. We continue to lay down a base of solid fundamental skills: Throwing, catching, hitting, base running and sliding. The girls are moved around the field so they learn how to play all positions.

While the fun still continues in the 10 and under division, instruction and game strategy are stepped up. At 10u girls start to pitch. Girls are still moved around to every position, but not everyone is expected to pitch or to be a catcher.

The competitive divisions start at 12u. As with the 10u division, instruction and game strategies are emphasized and skills such as bunting and defense against base runners are more prevalent. The next step up among the competitive divisions, the 14u/16u division offers a solid level of play while allowing new girls to learn all the skills necessary to enjoy the game. As expected, the level of play is higher then the 12u.

The 14/16's play under straight ASA (American Softball Association) rules with very minor modifications. .



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